Environmental Sustainability

Alpha Adroit is committed to protecting natural, environmental, and social resources. All employees, consultants, and contractors associated with Alpha Adroit projects must be aware of environmental stewardship and take reasonable steps to reduce or eliminate environmental incidents.

Alpha Adroit and its consultants: 

    • conduct operations to minimize the impact of our works on the environment and community and comply with all regulatory requirements;

    • provide suitable equipment and facilities, and take precautions necessary to reduce/eliminate the discharge of harmful contaminants which may degrade the atmosphere, water, or land areas;

    • protect habitats, environmental resources, and heritage sites within the scope of Alpha Adroit projects;

    • identify, manage, and report environmental risks and hazards; and,
    • involve Alpha Adroit employees, clients, suppliers, and subcontractors in implementing Alpha Adroit's environmental goals.

Alpha Adroit's Environmental Sustainability Policy is to take reasonable steps to ensure that all appropriate measures are taken to identify and control conditions that Alpha Adroit's work may cause adverse environmental impacts and to respond immediately and effectively to any such possible incidents to maintain workers and public safety and minimize property and environmental damage.

Additional information is provided in Alpha Adroit's Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Manual (Alpha Adroit's OHSE manual) under Environmental Protection Program. Environmental sustainability is also an integral part of Alpha Adroit’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).