Geotechnical Engineering Services

We provide a wide range of geotechnical engineering services for buildings, land developments, infrastructures, dams and levees, mining and metals processing, oil and gas, power and pipeline industries, including:

    • Geotechnical site investigation, geological characterization, and field and laboratory soil and rock testing
    • Geotechnical engineering for shallow and deep foundations, retaining walls, embankments, excavations, engineered fills, ground improvements, pavements, retention ponds, sewage systems, and flood diversion systems
    • Slope stability analysis, slope failure control, slope stabilization, and landslide remediation
    • Specialized services for CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piles, belled piles, Compacto piles, driven concrete and steel piles, wood piles, pipe piles, heavy-duty caissons, cast-in-place shafts, pre-cast piles, micro piles, friction piles, footings, and mat foundations Services include analysis, design, load testing, inspection, confirmation, failure investigation, instrumentation, monitoring, upgrading, remedial consultation, and concrete testing
    • Permafrost and Frozen ground engineering, insulation design, and permafrost construction consultation
    • Advanced and routine field and laboratory testing, geotechnical instrumentation, specialty soil testing, soil compaction monitoring, soil engineering, specialty borehole logging and coring, and construction inspection
    • Routine geotechnical survey
    • Geotechnical investigation, analysis, and control of geohazards, including landslides, groundwater seepage, frost heave, thaw instability, swelling, settlement, liquefaction, sensitive soils, soft soils, ground collapse, buried valleys, underground cavities, and large-scale subsidence
    • Numerical modeling and geotechnical risk analysis
    • Specialized geotechnical engineering, testing, and monitoring services for land developments, buildings, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, tank farms, towers, specialty infrastructures, open-pit mines, mining site support facilities, pipelines, oil and gas and manufacturing infrastructures
    • Pile inspection, footing inspection, and bearing capacity inspection for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings 
    • Foundation repair consultation and engineering for underpinning, grouting, mud-jacking, and other remedial measures 
    • Senior and peer review of reports, construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC), and project management 
    • Provision of advanced geotechnical engineering and technological consultation, knowledge, design specifications, methodology, failure and performance criteria, and specialty testing procedures for unique projects
    • Forensic, preventive, and remedial geotechnical engineering
    • Offshore Geotechnical Engineering

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The below list provides a summary of some of our geotechnical engineering services (click each item to expand):

Each site investigation and characterization project is planned for the specific requirements and objectives of that particular project, and may consist of:

    • Conducting desk study and field reconnaissance
    • Identifying, mapping, analyzing and controlling geotechnical hazards
    • Field sampling via drilling, coring, test pitting, Shelby Tube sampling, Osterberg cell sampling, SPT tube sampling, and ground freezing techniques
    • Conducting SPT (Standard Penetration Test), CPT (Cone Penetration Test), SCPTu (Seismic Cone Penetration Test with pore-water pressure measurement), PMT (Pressuremeter Test), DCP (Dynamic Cone penetrometer Test), SCP (Static Cone Penetrometer Test), shear vane, field load test, groundwater measurement, field permeability test, hydraulic fracturing, and other testing techniques as required
    • Conducting Standard, advanced, and custom-designed lab tests on field samples or lab specimens prepared in the lab
    • Installing geotechnical instruments and monitoring field performance
    • Developing geological, geotechnical, and hydrogeological conceptual models for soil, rock, ore, discontinuities, and groundwater  interconnected with databases of material properties and chronological instrument data
    • Investigating failures and evaluating the performance of geo-structures (Forensic Engineering) 
    • BIM — Building Information Modeling
    • NDT — Non-Destructive Testing for foundations and geotechnical structures
    • Offshore Geotechnical Site Investigation


 Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides:

    • Bearing capacity and deformation analysis for footings, rafts, piles, caissons, anchors, pile-rafts, diaphragms, shear-keys, and floating foundations
    • Analysis of complex soil-structure and soil-structure-liquid interactions 
    • Machine foundations
    • Pile foundation analysis, design, and construction inspection
    • Pile load tests, plate load tests, embankment load tests, proof rolling, and interpretation of the test results for developing the site and practice-specific designs and verification of designs based on Observational Method
    • Instrumentation and monitoring


Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides:

    • Stability analysis of natural and human-made slopes including excavations, embankments, dams, dikes (dykes), dumps and fills
    • Design of shallow and deep open excavations, open pit mines, waste dumps, and high embankments including structural stability of rock masses as well as the general stability of soil, rock, ore, and waste masses
    • Advanced coupled stress-deformation, seepage, seismic, and limit-equilibrium analysis
    • Design of alternative instability prevention and landslide remediation measures (45 methods available)
    • Instrumentation, monitoring, and Observational Method based analysis and design

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides:

    • Planning and designing instrumentation and monitoring programs for the specific objectives of the projects
    • Geotechnical instrumentation for open pit mining 
    • Geotechnical instrumentation for underground mining
    • Geotechnical instrumentation for tailing dams, waste rock dumps, and landfills 
    • Installing instruments, logging data, and interpreting the collected data for evaluating geotechnical safety and performance, as well as, for using with Observational Method  based design and construction
    • Installing and monitoring a wide range of instruments such as piezometers, inclinometers, tiltmeters, deformation bench-marks, settlement cells, seepage meters, geophones, load cells, pressure cells, crack meters, and other instruments as needed
    • Developing new instruments as needed for specific applications

Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides:

    • Evaluation of short-term stability of unsupported vertical and sloped excavation walls
    • Design and monitoring of short-term shoring for excavations
    • Analysis and design of long-term retaining systems such as concrete gravity walls, concrete cantilever walls, concrete diaphragm (slurry) walls, modular blocks, secant and tangent piles, steel sheet walls, timber walls, gabions, masonry walls, mesh-shotcrete stabilized soils, and Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining walls
    • Evaluation and control of excavation-induced deformations to adjacent buildings and infrastructures, ground loss, and groundwater seepage
    • Instrumentation, monitoring, advanced numerical modeling, and Observational Methodbased analysis and design

 Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides:

    • Site investigation and characterization and development of site-specific knowledge required for optimizing ground improvement procedures
    • Geotechnical ground improvement techniques for open pit mining 
    • Design of geo-structures on, within, or with problematic soils and rocks
    • Design and evaluation of ground improvement for soft soils, soft or fractured rocks, swelling and shrinking soils, collapsible soils, Karstic soils, liquefiable soils, thaw-unstable soils, frost-susceptible soils, saline and acidic soils, and other problematic ground conditions (as part of soil engineering)
    • Advanced materials testing services for ground improvement and soil treatment
    • Instrumentation, monitoring, advanced numerical modeling, and Observational Methodbased analysis and design

 We use advanced analytical analysis, numerical modeling, and laboratory modeling for:

    • Seepage analysis and groundwater control
    • Modeling of load-deformation, creep, and relaxation behavior of geomaterials, soil structures, soil-structure interactions, and soil-liquid interactions under various static, dynamic, and thermal loading and boundary conditions
    • Staged construction modeling, Observational Method, and calibration of computerized models for predicting short-term and long-term behavior and stability
    • Scenario-based risk analysis, geotechnical stability, and performance evaluation
    • Risk analysis and development of site-specific and project-specific factors of safety and Limit States Design (LSD) load and resistance factors
    • Optimizing the design of artificial geomaterials such as soil-cement, RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete), plastic concrete, grout, shotcrete, light-weight fill, and recycled waste fill

 Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides alternative design options for:

    • Pavement superstructures for rigid and flexible pavements in residential and industrial applications
    • Pavement structures incorporating geogrid or other soil reinforcement materials
    • Mining haul roads and temporary dirt or gravel roads
    • Concrete block pavements
    • Helipads and airfields in problematic soils
    • Proof rolling of paved roads

 Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides:

    • Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering for frozen and partially frozen soils
    • Determination of frost depth, frost heave, thaw settlement, and thaw instability
    • Design of foundations, slopes, insulation systems, excavations, and retaining systems in permafrost
    • Ground seepage control and temporary shoring using frozen cut-off wall
    • More permafrost and frozen ground engineering services

 Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides:

    • Failure and mal-performance investigations including cracks, settlements, heaves, fire-induced and flood-induced damages, slope failures, foundation failures, and other geo-structure instability or general failures 
    • Advanced materials testing services to develop the accurate analytical knowledge required for forensic geotechnical engineering projects
    • Design of remedial solutions such as underpinning, mud-injection, grouting, dewatering, and construction of berms and retaining structures
    • Forensic geotechnical engineering and expert witness services for litigations, insurance claims, and arbitration settlement procedures 
    • Special designs for remediation or prevention of slope failures (45 methods available)


Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides geotechnical engineering design and construction quality control for civil engineering construction and environmental engineering applications using woven and nonwoven geotextiles (geofabrics), multi-axial geogrids such as biaxial (BX) and triaxial (Tensar Triax) geogrids, geonets, geocomposite (consisting of a geogrid welded with a needle-punched nonwoven geotextile), geomembranes, GCL (geosynthetic clay liners), geofoam, geocells, wick drains (Prefabricated Vertical Drains or PVD), French drains, articulated concrete block mattresses, GCCM concrete cloth, and gabions.

Primary functions of geosynthetics are separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage, and containment. Some civil and geotechnical engineering construction, as well as environmental engineering applications, include:

    • Retaining walls (Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) solutions) 
    • Slope Stabilization
    • Pavement optimization for paved roads and parking lots
    • Performance optimization for unpaved roads and parking lots (such as gravel or dirt roads and gravel yards)
    • Subgrade stabilization for paved roads and parking lots
    • Crack mitigation for paved roads and parking lots
    • Seepage control
    • High groundwater table control
    • Drainage and pre-loading applications
    • Dewatering applications
    • Temporary and permanent flood walls and flood diversion systems
    • Stormwater management systems
    • Erosion and sedimentation control
    • Land reclamation
    • Dams, levees, and dikes applications
    • Mining and tunneling applications
    • Oil and gas applications
    • Contamination containment applications such as primary and secondary containment, caps, and covers for rock-waste piles, oil and chemicals tank farms (tank lining and tank farm/tank lot secondary containment), pond lining, sump lining, landfill lining and containment, frac-water pond lining, soil gas barrier systems (soil gas vapor containment), site spill protection, Radon gas barrier and ventilation, and caps and covers for landfill closures
    • Diversion of clean water and contaminated water

Alpha Adroit provides geotechnical engineering and environmental engineering consultation and designs using products from primary providers such as Tensar, MacCaferri, Miragrid, Nilex, and Layfield, among others. 

We provide our geotechnical engineering services throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. We also offer services in international locations directed through our headquarters office in Edmonton, Alberta. Major cities include Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Fort McMurray (ABAlberta), Vancouver (BCBritish Columbia), and Saskatoon (SKSaskatchewan). Service requests for Geotechnical Engineering Edmonton direct to here.

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