Geohazard Assessment and Management Services

Geohazards are a combination of geological, geotechnical, and environmental conditions that pose a risk involving local or widespread damages. Geohazards may also be triggered, or contributed to, by human activities. Geohazards may involve long-term or short-term processes. Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd is a Canadian engineering consulting company providing a wide range of services for geohazard assessment (engineering investigation, engineering analysis, and quantitative risk assessment) and geohazard risk management (policy development, early warning systems, geohazard risk mitigation, recovery, and rehabilitation) for onshore and offshore assets. 

General geohazard assessment and control services include landslides, mudflow, rockfalls, groundwater seepage, frost heave, thaw instability, swelling, settlement, liquefaction, sensitive soils, soft soils, ground collapse, buried valleys, underground cavities, and large-scale subsidence for buildings, land developments, municipalities, infrastructures, dams and levees, tailings management facilities, mining, oil and gas, and pipeline industries.

Alpha Adroit's Geohazard Assessment and Management Services include:

  • Investigation and Characterization of Onshore and Offshore Geohazards

  • Instrumentation and Monitoring of Geohazards

  • Onshore and Subsea Slope Stability Analysis and Landslide Remediation

  • Onshore and Subsea Liquefaction Analysis and Mitigation  

  • Advanced Numerical Modeling and Analysis 

  • Deterministic and Probabilistic Risk Analysis 

  • Engineering Design for Onshore and Offshore Geohazards Risk Mitigation and Recovery 

  • Intelligent Integrated Maintenance and Risk Management System 


Alpha Adroit aims to be the No. 1 Geohazard Assessment and Management Services Company globally. Even though Alpha Adroit provides a wide range of services for geohazard assessment and management services, if particular geohazards-related services are not offered by Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd (, Alpha Adroit may consider partnering with one of our competitor or other geohazard assessment and engineering firms to deliver the desired expert services for your particular project requirements.


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Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd provides geohazard risk assessment and management services in Canada and internationally. Please contact for availability of our services for your particular project.  Alpha Adroit Engineering Ltd is a professional member of APEGA (The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta), EGBC (Engineers and Geoscientists BC), APEGS (Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Saskatchewan), CNSC (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission), ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association), and CGS (Canadian Geotechnical Society).