Data Science Engineering Services — Research and Development 

At Alpha Adroit, we appreciate state-of-the-art practices, innovative solutions, top-notch modern technologies, and expectation-raiser thinking the unconventional solutions to satisfy the demanding challenges of the industries we serve.


We grow our diversified global team of rare talents, inventors, professors, multi-discipline researchers, local experts, advanced numerical modeling and custom-designed laboratory and field testing technologies to effectively sense, interpret, analyze, model, and solve our clients' most challenging problems.


What distinguishes Alpha Adroit is our built-in culture for "lean and clean methods": making things more effective in achieving what they are intended to provide via eliminating unnecessary steps, by making things simpler, less costly, and faster. We create creative solutions by substituting, combining, adapting, magnifying, modifying, improving, putting to other uses, re-arranging, reversing, eliminating, adding, optimising them for their purpose, and other methods.





Some of our innovative achievements and R&D interests are listed below:


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Services in Engineering Applications

We develop and make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to:

    • Impliment systems that provide systematic "Lessons Learnt"
    • Develop project-specific and site-specific load and resistance factors for Limit States Design (LRFD- LSD)
    • Develop practice procedures based on state of the art, best practices, and unique methods for special projects
    • Evaluate and mitigate geotechnical risk (geohazards) 
    • Enhance and explore applications of industrial wastes in civil engineering projects
    • Develop and test new construction materials and equipment
    • Research Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination (PHC) in permafrost and cold regions
    • Examine material properties at extreme environmental conditions (severe temperatures, severe pressures, etc)
    • Simulate bio-remediation
    • Analyze and design deep excavations and earth retaining systems
    • Develop new instruments 
    • Design and interprete instrumentation and monitoring programs and data
    • Provide advanced and unconventional solutions for:

Data Science Services in Engineering Applications

    • Development of databases and processing systems for Big Data
    • Development of systems for data aquisition for geotechnical engineering instrumentation
    • Data mining
    • Data Visualization
    • Machine Learning (ML) and development of intelligent systems for systematic learning 
    • Genetic algorithm engineering 
    • Artificial Neural Network
    • Deep Learning and Hybrid Deep Learning
    • Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Mining, and Machine Learning (ML) for a wide range of engineering risk assessments, predictions,  optimization, failure detection, forensic engineering, and systematic learning
    • Application of engineering risk assessment techniques and artificial intelligence (AI) in financial risk assessment (
    • Development or enhancement of existing proprietary codes (legacy codes) in the following programming languages: Python, Delphi, C++,  C#, Turbo Pascal, Fortran, and Basic 

Ask us!

Share your challenging problems with us and have our innovative, multi-disciplinary team on your side to:

    • provide you with alternative state-of-the-art solutions
    • advance your Research and Development (R&D) project
    • develop numerical codes for your particular engineering problems
    • team up with you

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We provide our data science and data engineering services to clients from Canada and internationally. We offer services to international clients through our headquarters office in Edmonton, Alberta.